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Rack cabinet 9U/19 600mm x 450mm - light gray

Rack cabinet 9U/19 600mm x 450mm - light gray

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Product description:
The rack cabinet is very widely used, it is ideal for mounting a CCTV monitoring system, installing structured cabling, e.g. in a business or home. It is also suitable for building passive and active network devices, and thanks to the availability of many accessories we have any configuration option. The cabinet has special ventilation holes on the front panel, optionally we can also install a dedicated fan in the hole in the floor for better air circulation between devices. The wardrobe is made of high quality materials. The front door is made of sheet steel with a tempered glass glued in and a mounted lock with two keys, and thanks to detachable hinges they are fully removable. Whereas the side panels have latches, that allow disassembly and greater access to devices mounted inside the cabinet. Optionally, to secure the side panels we can buy dedicated locks. The back wall has four holes for hanging the cabinet, and when we need even greater access to devices inside the cabinet, we can remove it with four screws. Inside, the wardrobe has adjustable vertical rail spacing, and there is a cable gland in the floor and ceiling.

• Installation of devices without a housing adapted for mounting in 19" racks.
• Installation of devices having a housing adapted for mounting in 19" racks.
• Protection of devices against unauthorized access or shutdown.

• Cabinet type: 19"
• Material: sheet steel and tempered glass
• Color: light gray
• Hole for optional fan
• All side walls fully demountable
• Front door made of steel sheet and glued in tempered glass
• Adjustable vertical rails
• Floor and ceiling cable gland

Elements of the set:
• Glazed front door with a lock and two keys
• Side panels with latches
• Adjustable vertical rails
• Screws for the rack cabinet with plastic washers