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Easy Splicer FTTH Fiber Welding Machine in the new version! The main replacement is the use of a new stove, which should be stronger and more efficient than the old one. The materials from which the main part of the welding machine was made - where the fibers are welded - changed. In addition, a larger battery with a capacity of 3400 mAh was used (in the V1 version there was a 2200 mAh battery). In addition, the device itself consumes less power, thanks to which it works much longer (about 60 welding / heating cycles). The method and, above all, the calibration time have been improved. 
The product offered is welded with the V-groove method and centers in the coat. Allows welding of singlemode and multimode fibers (50/125 and 62.5 / 125 um). The average baking time is 35 s, and the welding time is 7 s. The device self calibrates itself to match the atmospheric conditions (eg air humidity), calibration can also be done manually. 
EasySplicer is very easy to use, it has been equipped with only three buttons. To weld using this device you do not need to have specialist knowledge - each installer will learn to operate the welding machine in a short time. In addition, EasySplicer is distinguished by its small size (230x98x53 mm) and does not cause any problems during transport. 
Changes in the device:  in the version available from July 2017, the standard equipment includes Long Life electrodes (up to 5000 welds) and dustpan attached to the cleaver (knife). The external appearance has also been changed - the suitcase and welding machine have a black and orange color (previously they were gray-orange).