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Set-Top Box Mag 322 w1
Set-Top Box Mag 322 w1
Set-Top Box Mag 322 w1
Set-Top Box Mag 322 w1

Set-Top Box Mag 322 w1

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63.56 € pa TVSH

MAG322w1 is a version with a built-in Wi-Fi module of 802.11 b/g/n standard. This modification enables users to establish a network connection without additional equipment.

Disponueshmëria Në Stok
HEVC support
The set-top box plays the HEVC-compressed files. This means the network load will be lower, even when delivering high-quality content.

High quality of sound and image
The audio output S/PDIF (optional) allows connecting the multichannel High-End system to the set-top box. HDMI 1.4b provides the highest quality of sound and image.

Modern high-performance processor on the chipset BCM75839 and 512MB RAM is good enough to playback the high-quality video.

Chipset: BCM75839
Processor: MIPS 4KE Dual Core CPU 750Mhz
Performance: 2000 DMIPS
RAM: 512 MB
Flash memory: 512 MB

Operating system: Linux 3.3
Built-in Media Portal with WebKit-based IPTV-functionality, HTTP 1.1, HTML 4.01 XHTML 1.0/1.1; DOM 1, 2, 3, CSS 1, 2, 3; XML 1.0, XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0 ; SOAP 1.1; JavaScript ECMA-262, revision 5; Media JavaScript API; C layer SDK
Middleware supported: Ministra multiscreen TV platform

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